Are you planning to work, study and/or live in the Netherlands?

You have to find an health insurance in the Netherlands. Everyone in the Netherlands is obliged to get an basic health insurance.

  You can choose your health insurance by yourself by compare a great number the health insurances at Did you find an insurance? Get a quote.   More information about the basic health insurance .  

Are you insured in your own country?

Do you have an insurance via social security or welfare in your own country, ask if there is an reciprocal agreement between your country and the Netherlands with regard tot health insurance. If this is the case, get an Health Card before you leave your own country. Carry this Health Card with you all the time. It is your proof that you are insured against medical costs in the Netherlands.   Sometimes health insurers only extend foreign coverage for a few months. In that case you have to get an Dutch health insurance.
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