Health Insurance Tips

Every year in november and december you can choose a health insurance for the next year. If you do nothing you’ll keep your old insurance. By making a comparison for health insurance you can easily check if you’re better off with a cheaper health insurance or health insurance with better conditions.

  Would you like to stay informed of the health insurance 2014? Sign up for our Zorg Alert  (in dutch). We will keep you informed of the new premiums and packages.   Only when you’re moving to the Netherlands from abroad you can choose an health insurance all year.  

Additional health insurance

If you don’t expect to make high medical costs, you can save money by choosing a voluntary own risk excess. The discount on the premium can reach up to 300 euros for a voluntary increase of 500 euros.  

Waiting list

If you are on a waiting list for a hospital or specialist, ask your health insurer to mediate. Many insurers have set them.  

Group health insurance

It is worthwhile to consider an collective insurance via your work or other collective. Often they are much cheaper. Moreover, sometimes the employer pays a portion of the premium. A collective insurance doesn’t always have the most advantageous or attractive insurance. We therefore advise you to always make a comparison. Through you get up to 10% discount on the basic insurance and 12% on the additional insurance.  

Each family member's own policy

Every insured person can choose their own insurance and additionals. You don’t have to choose all the same insurer to be insured. Each family member can select the optimal insurance. This can be useful if a family member intends to use more care than any other family member.
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